Meet the Crew

A team with a passion for community, and a strong sense of "Serve Others First"

Nels Jensen

Founder & CEO

The Inland Northwest Heart of Business is on a mission to grow and protect businesses throughout the Inland Northwest. To do this, we believe our mission can be best achieved through creating an inclusive, friendly and forward-thinking culture in which our individual businesses can grow beyond survive to thrive or even become businesses of significance through the tools and programs that we provide and their association with other businesses of like mind. In general, our admittedly ambitious goal is to make the Inland Northwest as recession proof as possible.

Our organization believes in building relationships and making connections, the basis for long-term success and stability, by providing weekly events that include relevant and enlightening training sessions along with robust networking. For that reason, once you attend any of the events that we host, you'll instantly recognize that there is something inviting and different about who we are and what we do. This is the positive consequence of our culture and is never by accident.
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